Creepy Experience With A Doppelganger

Before I started tracking ghosts, my brother and I stayed on an apartment, which was located near our campus. We thought we lucked out because all apartments within that area were occupied and this specific room was the only one left! It didn’t really struck us as weird why such a nice looking apartment was left available when every other space in the area aren’t.

Eventually, we found out why people refuse to rent the place. By the time we found out about the haunting, we were neck-deep in ghostly haunting! There was one time when my parents came to visit and my brother and my parents busy in the kitchen. My brother said he heard me ask permission to use the toilet. This surprised him because I didn’t need to ask permission to use the toilet. He turned around, found no one there. He went to the toilet and found it empty either. My parents and my brother tried to find me in the apartment but they couldn’t find me because I was attending classes during that time. When I got home, they asked me if I went home earlier that day because they heard me ask permission to use the toilet.


This wasn’t the end of it. I also came in contact with my own doppelganger. I was preparing for school and my brother was sleeping in because he doesn’t have class that day. I didn’t want to wake him so I just got out from the front door and locked it from the outside. It was then that I distinctively heard my own voice call out to my brother from the inside. It was so loud that I immediately knew it was my voice. Imagine my shock! I scrambled to open the door but it wouldn’t open.

I anxiously peered through the window and saw no one except my brother who was rushing to open the door for me. He asked me why I woke him up and I told him what happened. It was then that we knew a doppelganger was disguising as me.

Despite all the weird things, we remained in that apartment throughout college. The haunting came to a point where classmates and visitors breathlessly relate how they saw me walking around the apartment when they knew I was out somewhere else became old news to my brother and I. That doppelganger definitely made our stay a little more exciting but creepy nonetheless.

Tracking Ghosts: There’s An App For That

Hey guys, have you ever tried using some sort of ghost tracker or something? My cousin, who is  a massive fan of all things weird and creepy recently bought a ghost tracker and she wanted me to come with her and explore several abandoned houses near her place for ghost activity. Who knows? We might actually find a class A ghost using the tracker.

So, I set up the perfect place for our quest and this was in an abandoned prison near where she lives, the old Don jail prison. I heard from the grapevine that this 145-year old abandoned prison is home to hundreds of ghosts. The night before, we packed out bags and made sure we got all our gears with us for the tour.

The prison was a good two-hour drive from my cousin’s place. When we got there, there were a couple of people who are also taking the tour with us. I was a bit bummed out over that because I was hoping we could have the place to ourselves but that’s just a minor caveat. We headed to the first floor, where we saw what used to be the prison’s admin office and random rooms meant to screen the prisoners. It was eerie how well preserved the place was considering it’s more than a hundred years old.

I felt like we were being watched as we surveyed the first floor. The tracker isn’t picking up anything which I thought was weird. Meh. Maybe it’s not working after all. The tour progressed on the actual cells where they kept the prisoners. This place served as “home” to Canada’s nastiest convicts and I can tell you, the place gives me the chills! And not the good kind either. I got the sense that we were being watched and not welcome as soon as we entered one cell. The app give a slight “pinging” sound loud enough to make our tour guide look up and instruct us to keep it down.

My heart was beating so fast I could barely breathe. My cousin’s hands were actually shaking a bit, not sure if that’s out of excitement or because she got scared. The pinging sound felt like it’s getting louder and louder when I felt a gust of wind touch my leg. I yelped in surprise. Around the same time, my cousin felt a phantom hand brush her shoulder. She was so scared; her eyes were bigger than silver dollars!

The tour went on and we heard the pinging sound from the tracker so many times. In every room, I felt something following us, curious at what we’re doing and basically just trying to make contact (I think). It was one hell of an experience! It definitely felt like the longest tour I ever took. I loved every minute of it but not sure if my cousin felt the same way. Once we got into the car she said, it’ll take a while before she’d use the app again.

Crashing In

I had such a strange, really unforgettable experience that happened in a new-ish house we used to own. The house sits on a modest one-acre property and it’s very picturesque. This was an old family property but the house has never been lived in for a long time, possible decades. Anyway, I crashed to that house years and years ago and stayed there for a week.

Spacious Garage Disney Haunted Mansion Replica Exterior Design

I can’t tell you how creepy the whole property is though. I used to wake up around 3:30 in the morning hearing strange noises from the living room. It wasn’t the sort of sound that really makes the hairs at the back of your neck stand out. The mere fact that you’re all alone in a strange house hearing strange noises at 3:00 in the morning, now that’s chilling!

Naturally, I would go out to investigate and often get nothing. This was all before I was tracking ghosts, I was out on my own doing my own thing and to be honest, that place gives me the heebie-jeebies and I don’t need to use any of my ghost trackers to know that I was considered as their uninvited guest, someone they do not like and would love to see leave.

I heard from neighbors that the house used to be an old distillery and that a couple of guys died after shooting each other in the woods. I never really thought much about the story until my mom came across a really old newspaper clipping in the attic and it featured the said event. It old clipping showed a snapshot of the old distillery and though it looked nothing like the new house, the woods behind it never changed a bit.

I only stayed there for a week because of the racket in the middle of the night. To be honest, I spent an enormous amount of time in that place rationalizing the thumping-knocking-noise-thing I’ve been hearing to anywhere from a jackrabbit to a damn werewolf, it was that bad. Eventually, I decided to move out because I couldn’t get a decent sleep in that place.

For the 15+ years that we had that property, no one lived in that house. My dad sold the property to an old associate of his and I heard that they plan to convert it to a small farm. This is what got started me into this business. It wasn’t much fun being a teen and stuck to an old house with entities that aren’t all too happy to see you in their space but the rush I get from all those sleepless nights, finding the source of the noise at the dead of the night is just priceless.

The Abandoned Old Asylum

There is an abandoned old asylum near where I live, well, it’s about a 90-minute car ride but close enough, I’m not complaining and we visited it with my friends last week-end!!

Ok, this place is creepy, anyone interested in the paranormal that lives near me know about this place, it’s a very popular spot for paranormal investigators but also, unfortunately, for teenagers who have nothing better to do than to get drunk and trash things.

Anyway, me and my friends decided to visit this place during the day as we didn’t want to meet drunk teenagers. It might have been bright outside but inside, it was pretty dark and we needed our flashlights.

We didn’t went to far as we didn’t want to get lost but we fully investigated the first floor as well as some part of the second floor.

About 10 minutes into our exploration, me and my 3 friends were trying to get some EVPs in a patient’s room when we heard a massive noise coming from the hallway, like if something huge had fallen on the floor. We quickly exited the room and saw absolutely nothing in the hallway that could have made that noise. What I find the most strange is we must have spent 2 hours investigation the entire first floor and I can tell you that we were absolutely alone. If anyone else would have been there with us we would have seen or heard them.

Now the most chilling experience I had during this investigation was in a room on the second floor. All of us felt weird when we entered the room, we felt watched and unwelcome. Then we all felt a sudden chill, it was already cold but we suddenly felt something like an Arctic blast blowing in our face. Then my friend felt someone touching the back of her leg. This is why we didn’t stay long on the second floor!

All in all our little investigation was really interesting, we captured a few EVPs, no class A however but I was really satisfied with the evidence we experience at the old abandoned AND haunted Asylum.

CREEPIEST Experience EVER! Part 2

Soon after we here a fairly loud noise coming from upstairs. I asked the lady if she was with someone or if there was another animal in the house as her three cats were around her at that moment – she said “no, I’m all alone”. I’m not going to lie, I thought of leaving the house right at that moment, I had goosebumps all over my body.

So we take out our ghost investigating equipment out of our backpacks and start out with the main floor as it felt like the safest place to start. I mean the other choices were upstairs and in the basement! Armed with an EMF Detector, we proceeded to explored around the living room, the kitchen all the while, we kept hearing weird sounds from upstairs, like small things hitting the floor.

The EMF readings we got on the main floor weren’t very significant but that did change when we, reluctantly, started to walk up the stairs.

Everything in the house looked old, and that of course included her bedroom. The only lights in her bedroom were two candles. The ambiance was extremely spooky and that where we set up shop.

Using all our equipment, we took pictures, videos, we observed major EMF spikes on our detector and we of course made good use of our audio recorder and ghost box.

We sat in circle on the floor and we put a candle as well as our audio recorder in the middle and we started to ask questions.

Right after our first question we heard the same exact sound of something, like a penny, dropping on the floor, only this time it was louder. It seemed to have come out from the guest bedroom.

We asked if Micheal was there and if he wanted to talk with us. This is when things started to really get COLD and our EMF reader started to go wild.

After a while of trying to record EVPs, we started to use the ghost box (as you might have seen on Ghost Adventures). The ghost box will produce the white noise ghosts are believe to be able to use to communicate.

And we DID hear a voice speak to us. Words actually and while we couldn’t understand most words, we clearly heard “Get Out!” at one point.

Now that freaked us out!!

After deliberating what we should do next, we all came to the same conclusion, we need to get out of this house or maybe something bad will happen. Ghost hunting should be fun, not dangerous.

When we got home, shaken but very excited at what just happened, we proceeded to look at the evidence recorded.

We captured a few orbs in photos but that’s always hard to really know what those are.

More interestingly however were the EVPs we captured.

To our surprise, it’s not the voice of a man we captured but the voice of a woman.

A lot of it we could only understand the tone of the voice but at one time, it seems like she said “He’s here”.

Was she talking about Micheal? We all think so.

CREEPIEST Experience EVER! Part 1

I started a Paranormal/Ghost Hunting group with 3 of my friends this summer, we bought the equipment, we even bought our own custom t-shirts with our own logo to look a little more professional and trustworthy when we visit clients. Well, I’m not sure you could call them clients as we don’t charge anything yet but I digress.

For the last few months, we really have been getting tons of valuable experience, confidence and knowledge about ghost hunting. The hardest part about ghost hunting is to not jump too quickly to conclusions. Before getting too excited and perhaps scaring off your client, try to debunk your evidence as best as you can, but be logical about it, if you hear loud footsteps upstairs, don’t try to explain it saying it could be an overweight mouse walking.

From my experience, the greatest challenge has been orbs, light anomalies and EVPs. At first we thought every orb was a ghost. Well, actually, very few of them are and that’s why now I will only give attention to orbs that are very unusual. Light anomalies are also tricky, sometimes lights will peak through the trees and then you’ll think you’ll have a glowing orb above a tomb, so always check for lights BEFORE you take any photos. As far as EVPs, when they are great it’s easy but when you investigate in a private residence and your EVP isn’t that great, what do you tell your client? Now we tell them it’s inconclusive. And it’s funny because you really feel that some clients want you to tell them their house or apartment is haunted while others you can sense really want you to tell them that no ghosts leave here!

So anyway, with that said and out of the way, let me tell you about our last investigation!

My friend’s friend lives next door to a very old woman living in a very old house. Knowing that my friend Amy was a ghost investigator, her friend told her about that old woman and how since they were kids, her and friends living near her house always suspected the old house to be haunted, very haunted. Wild rumors were often mentioned about this house and many have claimed to have seen ghostly figures in the windows.

So with that known, Amy suggested to us that we could go knock on her door, all dressed with our nice ghost hunting t-shirt so we all look legit and ask her if she would like us to investigate her house and then give her a full report of our findings, free of charge! We really didn’t think she would allow us to investigate and boy were we wrong, she actually invited us all in her house right there. I guess she was happy to have company as she gave us a little tour telling us that yes indeed many ghosts live with her but they know better to not bother her. We were stunned.

The house was really creepy and the three cats, one black, didn’t help either. So we asked her when could we do our investigation and she said why not tonight? Well, tonight it was!

So we want back that night, fully equipped, a little bit apprehensive I am not going to lie, and when we knocked on the door, the old lady welcomed us to a very dark house only lit by candles!! OMG! Did she do this for us and does she always does that?

As we were greeting her and taking off our shoes, she told us that Micheal is very angry tonight, he doesn’t like strangers! Micheal? The ghost? Doesn’t like us!? Oh no!

Stay tuned, To be continued tomorrow…

Hilarious Ghost Trackers Blooper Reel!

If you were a fan of the show like me, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this blooper real! This video shows host Joe Macleod messing up a ton while letting the expletives fly along with some hilarious impersonations. The funniest moments however belongs to the ghost trackers themselves crapping their pants as they explore haunted locations.

Funniest moment you absolutely don’t want to miss? It starts at 1:19 where a scared teenage girl just cannot stop herself from dropping F-BOMBS! Apparently, it was not just her being scared, she was literally describing ghosts f****ng all around her!! You cannot make this up!

Another “can’t miss” moment, at 5:02, a poor girl start crying after hearing what she think sounds like a cat, upstairs! This was one example of a kid not ready and prepared to mess with the paranormal.

When I see a video like that, I can’t believe that they pulled this show off the air, kids and teens have the best reactions. However, the paranormal can be dangerous and at the very minimum can scare the crap out of someone that is not prepared or isn’t fully aware of what’s in store for him or her. So this is why it is imperative that these teens be properly screened for a show like that so they don’t come out traumatized.

Another thing I find interesting with kids being ghost hunters is that it seems like the younger you are, the more sensitive you’ll be and the more you’ll see or hear ghosts. Of course we know that this is the case with super young kids but I also think that perhaps kids under 12 have a greater ability to sense and even see the paranormal than the average adult.

It should also be noted that the Ghost Trackers show were careful not to put those young ghost hunters in the most haunted locations. None of these places were known to harbor evil entities, we were a far cry from Bobby Mackey’s music world here! If you don’t know about that place, Google it and add “Ghost Adventures” to the search field. Probably the most haunted and dangerous place to investigate in North America, the Ghost Adventures crew can attest to that!

So without further ado, check out this hilarious blooper video below and watch it until the end where you’ll see most of the kids’ bloopers!

So what was your favorite part, dude? ;)

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Now Opened To Ghost Hunters!

Ghost hunters often don’t have many choices when it comes to haunted places they can actually investigate. Sure cemeteries can be an option but really haunted ones aren’t always around the corner and some of the bigger ones often have a curfew for visits and security guards patrolling as soon as the nigh falls. Abandoned houses? Again, hard to find any that are known to be haunted and it can also be really dangerous as they can contain molds and asbestos. So what can you do?

Well, they are a few places you can tour or visit while actively looking for ghosts. Of course, they are the haunted hotels but at a few hundred dollars a night while not really being able to investigate out of your room, it is not really a good option. Better options however are:

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville
Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia
West Virginia’s Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which was bought recently, now offers tours to ghost hunters – you can even access the underground tunnel where the dead were stockpiled.

The sanatorium was where thousands of patients of tuberculosis made their last trip during the 1950′s. Stories about nurses committing suicide also add to the gloominess of this place.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky

Mike Flickner, a guide working at Waverly Hills is convinced that the old sanatorium is haunted.

“I’ve locked doors before and watched them unlock themselves and open up. I’ve seen a tub of concrete slide by itself,” Flickner said.

Charlie Mattingly, the owner of the hospital says that are a few popular ghosts people should expect to see – the nurse who committed suicide on the upper floor, an angry old man and the ghost of a child named Timmy who likes to play with balls that were placed around the sanatorium.

Ghost trackers shouldn’t wait to long to make their reservations as Flickner would love to turn the old sanatorium into a hotel. But it looks like this might not be for tomorrow however as the owner says that he needs several more millions to achieve his dream.

So the question is, will you go?


Hi, my name is Lucy and I might just be Ghost Trackers’ biggest fan and probably Joe Macleod’s number fan as well.  You surely know, Ghost Trackers had kids investigating haunted places and the one who did the best job investigating while remaining cool as a cucumber was declare the victor! How I wish I could have participated on that show because aside from being a huge fan of Joe Macleod, I’m also a big fan of everything paranormal, especially ghost shows.


haunted house tv

Joe Macleod and 2 brave ghost trackers


My favorite episode I think was Fort Erie in Ontario. Aside from being a really good episode, this one was my favorite because I also visited Fort Erie with my two best friends and let me tell you, even during the day, this place is creepy! You can really feel and sense that many people died here. Did you know that it was the site of the bloodiest battles on Canadian soil? The stone fort was built in 1803 by the British but in 1814, after a battle with the British, the Americans took control of the fort. In August of the same year,  the British attempted to take back the fort and began a siege. The battle would end up being catastrophic for British troops as over 1,000 of them ended up being killed. It is why it is not surprising that many people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of ghosts on the site. Many people have also reported hearing sounds of canons and musket fire, even soldiers screaming have also been frequently reported. When we were there, my friend Megan swore up and down that she heard a man shout orders! Chills!


Ghost of Fort Erie

Fort Erie, Ontario


I like all the ghost shows, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, etc… but there was something special about seeing teens my age become ghost hunters for a night. It was so great to be able to relate to those kids and for the first time realize that us too can be ghost hunters, not just adults. Sometimes I wondered if I would be as brave as some of them in certain situations, not knowing that a few years later I would myself investigate a haunted house, just like them, at night, lights closed with ghost busting tools!

Indeed, me , my friend and her brother had the opportunity to investigate the house of my friend’s grandmother who lives in a 120 year old house. My friend and her brother have had a lot of strange experiences in that house before, even seeing ghosts when they were much younger. Let me tell you something, I was so frighten during that night hearing all sorts of weird sounds like a door slowly opening, but I believe that what gave me the courage to continue was remembering when kids, some younger than me, had the courage to keep investigating even when they felt a ghostly presence around them.

Ghost Trackers had a good run, from 2005 to 2008. It was on Discovery Kids Canada and YTV and later on, HBO Family picked it up. I believe that many of us would love for the show to come back, even if it is with a different host. Joe Macleod should still be the first considered for the gig tho! They are many of ghost/paranormal shows popping up these days but none of them featuring teens. I’m 19 now but I still would love to see kids between maybe 13 and 19 featured on a ghost haunting show like Ghost Trackers. So who’s with me?