The Haunted Pub

We recently added a new member to our team, Vinny, he’s Tim’s cousin who can sense and sometimes even communicate with spirits. He led the team to an old pub where he said he saw a spirit that interacted with him, which was pretty exciting. We went to a short drive to an old, 150 year old pub in Augustine.

According to Vinny, the poltergeist that haunts the pub is very mischievous and wouldn’t tell its identity too. I was with Sandra during this little trip and the minute we got in, Sandra said the poltergeist, a young girl, is already greeting us.  Vinny seconded Sandra, saying that the girl is hanging around the side of the entrance and peeking from the barrels.


One of the patrons of the pub, Steve, greeted us. Steve said he frequents the bar for over 20 years. He even shared several strange experiences while unwinding in the pub where his drink vanished just as he was about to take a gulp. He said he dismissed the incident as him being too drunk but it happened several times that he thinks it’s the alleged ghost of the old pub that’s been stealing his drinks!

Another patron, called Mac, corroborated Steve’s story saying he himself’s got several strange experiences on the bar that’s why he rarely ever go there alone. He said on two separate occasions, he heard loud banging on the men’s room as he passed by. When he entered the restroom, it was empty.

Sandra said that the girl likes to shake things up a bit. She’s around 11 years old when she died. She said the girl kept complaining that someone braided her hair too tightly, saying that she prefers to wear her hair down but adults are not paying her any mind.

It was a relatively short trip. We spent an hour asking questions to patrons and the bartenders and most of them have a story to tell. The pub is a bit cramped and we left after an hour and a half just as people started pouring in.

Touring Fort Barrancas in Louisiana

Still part of our US tour, I was with Sandra and Jon. We got down to Louisiana to check out Fort Barrancas. We heard that the place has been scaring the neighbors with apparition of restless spirits! We drove to St. Francisville and made a pit stop in Pensacola, this is the place where the fort is located.


I went to the gift shop first to find out more about the fort from the locals. And because they just opened early, there was not a lot of people in the gift shop. According to one of the visitors, the park rangers aren’t allowed to share their ghost stories to the visitors, what a bummer!

The fort sits on a bluff that overlooks the Pensacola bay. The place is quite historic too. The British built the Royal Navy redoubt here in 1793, the Spaniards built their own forts sometime in 1797 and the Americans remodeled the battery in 1840.

After a short conversation with one of the locals, I got myself a couple of knickknacks and joined Jon and Sandra who were surveying the place. We went ahead and let ourselves in to the fort. We found a narrow staircase and descended below. At the end of the stairs was a tunnel that opens to a long hallway that goes on the left and on the right. Just as we headed to the hallway, the barometric pressure dropped drastically. Sandra was on high alert, trying to sense any presence while Jon was snapping away as usual. I was super creeped out because the place felt oddly quiet.

The air felt heavy, eerie. As we went back to the staircase, Sandra felt something behind her. She turned around and stopped dead on her tracks. After a few minutes of standing there and looking at nothing, she joined us as we exited the fort.

Once we were outside, Sandra shared that she felt something was looking at her from behind and when she looked back, she saw a confederate soldier at the end of the creepy hallway. She said the soldier tipped off his hat at her and then vanished into thin air.


Touring Miss Caroline Inn

On one of our trips to the US, we visited a picturesque little inn in Saint Augustine, called Miss Caroline. The place was notorious for paranormal activities. It’s quite popular,  but I admit I know nothing about the place except for a couple of ghost stories I heard in the past. Anyway, on this trip, I was with Jon and Sandra.

We arrived there a little over 5 in the afternoon and was greeted by the owner, Tina Danielson. She gave us a personal tour of the Miss Caroline Inn, giving historical facts about the place and even shared several paranormal experiences of her own! After the tour, we were given the chance to roam the place on our own.

caroline inn

Maria took over the guide after Tina’s gracious tour. She’s quite a pleasant character! We moved on to the hallway of the first floor. The décor is richly heritage-style. Loved the ornate furniture. There’s nothing stuffy about the place at all, at least for me.

We went straight to the Capt. Kennedy room and started setting up the lights and the equipment. The Capt. Kennedy room was said to be the central spot of paranormal activities in the Miss Caroline Inn. As we finished installing the light, they were suddenly turned off. We were surprised because 1) we just finished setting up and 2) everything seemed to be in order. Uh-oh, someone was greeting us!

Jon did quick snaps of the room for a few minutes before we went to the stairway led by Maria and Sandra. Sandra immediately felt the presence of a young girl. She described the girl as in her early 20’s, very curious and watching our every move. Sandra said the woman had long hair and was dressed in white. She hangs around the stairway all the time though she also moves to different parts of the Miss Caroline Inn. That explains numerous accounts of a young woman’s ghost seen from different parts of the inn.

It was a short tour because the place isn’t very large. Sandra said she felt several entities in various rooms but we couldn’t enter because they were occupied. Most of the spirits in Miss Caroline Inn are not malevolent at all and are in fact, so used to the presence of guests that they get curious when a new face shows up.

Touring The Academy Theatre Part 4

We continued our tour to the main foyer. Sandra sensed the presence of a man who says he took care of the building. She said the man had a limp, his left leg was sore. Marion quickly identified the spirit as their caretaker named Dennis. According to Marion, Dennis was a former actor who became the theatre’s maintenance man. He was well-liked and was a good man.

The spirit of the theatre’s caretaker joined in on the tour, and we moved on to the sound room. Sandra began describing two gold framed pictures that are missing from the front foyer. Dennis said that he and the rest of the spirits wanted those pictures back. The spirits were unsure why the pictures were taken down and they didn’t like the idea of it being removed.

theatre 3

Sandra went on to describe a small room similar to a gift shop with a sitting bench in the middle. Marion confirmed that there used to such room in the theatre before. Sandra said that before the place was turned into a theatre, it was a place where a lot of parties were held. Sandra said she could hear low murmurs, laughter and clinking of glasses, as if there was still a party being held in the area. Several spirits were dressed in party gowns, drinking and laughing. The big door that served as the theatre’s entrance used to be two huge doors, again, Marion confirmed this. Sandra said that most of the spirits wished that the theatre remained the way it was instead of taking away artifacts that were part of its charm.


Marion commented that indeed, the theatre has gone through numerous renovations and there used to be a restaurant or bar on the premises of the original structure of the theatre. By the time we were about the leave the theatre doors, a spirit with white gloves was hurrying to open the theatre door for us, saying it was his job to escort us. By the time our tour was done, Sandra was able to see more than 100 spirits, which was a record for the team.

We walked towards the theatre’s stage area and saw seat number 13. I told the group of a story where if anyone sits at seat number 13, you could feel the spirit of Mary, because it was there where she sits often. We left our tape recorder on seat 13 hoping to record something, walked to the stage, and continue the tour.

Touring The Academy Theatre Part 3

As we made our way into the costume room, Sandra felt the presence of a curious little girl. She described her as one that loved to play with different costumes, often getting into trouble because she never puts the costumes back where they belonged. Sandra said the girl was peeking at us from behind racks of clothes before disappearing, looking curious and afraid at the same time. She said the girl used to lie in a bed that was too small for her, a cot made with straws, but she never complained.

theatre 3

We left that room and moved on to the sound booth. It was in this room that Sandra felt that a presence, a man, joined our tour. She said in the sound booth, someone tripped and twisted his foot. Marion said the place used to be the projection room.

As we made our way down the stairs, Marion took us to the balcony. The balcony was overlooking the stage. Sandra said a young woman would often come to the balcony and twirl. The girl has a big hat and some spirits said that the woman is not who she claims to be. The spirits said they didn’t like the woman when dealing with the tour guides. We had no idea which woman the spirits were referring to. Marion, for her part, didn’t expound on that information either.

As we went upstairs, we shut off the lights to take the whole place in. We were still in the balcony area when Sandra heard a voice, asking her to come back to the costume room. But Sandra didn’t heed the call because she didn’t want to stray from the group. Sandra later said that she felt someone touching her from the back that’s why she kept leaning away from her chair.


The lights were back on and we noticed there was a seat down that has not been there before the lights went off. Sandra pointed to the clock and it read 7 o’clock. She said that the time might have been important in the theatre folks because she feels an almost overwhelming sense of anxiety. We felt it too. Sandra said she kept hearing a man’s voice saying “it’s almost 7 o’clock” over and over again.

Incredibly, Marion explained that the reason the time was important was because 7 o’clock is the time that performances would start in the theatre! Next, we visit the main floor of the theatre.

Touring The Academy Theatre Part 2

As we continued to the next floor, Sandra picked up a strange sound and walked into the room first before any of us had the chance to catch up. Once in the room, Sandra said she is seeing a woman wearing a bonnet and a blue dress with tiny flowers all over it. The apparition was inviting Sandra to watch her play the piano. The woman appeared briefly right beside the piano before disappearing a few minute later. Marion opened the piano and we saw the plaque mounted on it. The plaque was a dedication to a woman from her husband.

theatre 3

Marion said the piano was donated to the theatre but Sandra thinks the woman she saw was not related to the piano. Sandra also “felt” that the room might’ve been used as an office at some point in time and money was heavily counted inside. She felt that a married man used to frequent the room to gaze up on other women and used the theatre as a front for dirty dealings.

Sandra said the man is around 5’10 in height, a bit on the heavy side and had a huge belly. She said that any person who stays in the room would, for some inexplicable reason, experience pressure in the nasal area and the nose will inevitably bleed. The room had a lot of activity and I felt it myself, like there’s heaviness in the air and we all felt that we were being watched carefully. Sandra said that she was picking up at least 4 different spirits in the room.

We moved o to the old wooden staircase, which gave me the heebie-jeebies. I hate staircases in haunted places because they just weird me out. As expected, Sandra said that someone fell off the stairs and broke her neck. She could hear the screams of the woman and I swear, even Jon who usually seemed far too composed for ghost hunting, broke out in cold sweat. Sandra said the woman tripped on her skirt at the top of the stairs and she came tumbling down, breaking her neck in the process. She said the woman flipped over backwards on the small landing near the opening of the door.


The woman didn’t die instantly, dying in excruciating pain ten minutes later. Sandra said she could see the tears in the woman’s eyes and the fear in knowing that no one will find her in time.

Marion was stunned by that revelation because she confirmed that indeed, a woman died in that part of the theatre. After we played back our EVP device, each time Brenda utters the name “Mary” (this is what the staff calls the spirit but it is not her real name) a man’s voice would say, “Martha.”

Touring The Academy Theatre Part 1

For the first time in a long time, I got to tour with the whole group (Sandra, Tim, Jon, and I) at Lindsay, Ontario’s Academy Theatre. We heard that the place is the perfect place to do a little paranormal investigation. It took us four hours to get there and we were hoping the trip was worth it (traveling was horrendous).

Because we arrived a little early, we decided to walk a bit on the front of the building until our tour guide shows up. We love the architecture of the building and kinda made me wonder how beautiful it must have been during its prime.


After a few minutes of waiting, one of our guide, Peter showed up, shook our hands and said that our hostess will arrive shortly. True enough, Marion, our hostess, arrived. She took us first to the side of the theatre and entered the building from there. She motioned the main entrance of the building and told us that it was used for public when attending the theatre. Once we were inside, Sandra sat to sit near the side entrance, away from the group so she would not hear what Marion was saying. As the group talked, Marion told Sandra some of the strange going-ons inside the theatre.

One story, according to Marion, was about a girl named Mary. Mary tripped and fell to her death on the stairs. Marion told Rachel that a couple of other psychics who visited the theatre felt around three or four spirits in the building. Marion then handed out an article about the theater. The writeup includes a quick history of the building. Sandra kept the article in her pocket and joined our group.


As Sandra joined our group, she said that a woman suddenly appeared on the stairs leading to the basement, According to Sandra, the woman wore a narrow line skirt that fell to the floor and a buttoned blouse with long sleeves. She had brown hair, which was pulled away from her face and swept up at the back.

Her features were soft and she seemed pleasant. Sandra said the spirit smiled at her and looked pleased at the company. Sandra also said that another spirit, a larger woman, was standing by the vending machine. She said that the first spirit she saw don’t care for the second woman spirit as she found her too outspoken for a woman.

Marion then led us to the front foyer to the second floor. We entered the first room at the top of the stairs. This is where the bar and the piano are located.

Touring The MacPherson House PT. 2

We entered the Master’s bedroom next and Sandra felt someone peeking out. She said the woman was spying on the people that lived there. She also felt someone was hiding behind the bed while another spirit was restlessly pacing back and forth in the other room.

We headed to the Staff room after but Sandra felt that the vibe in that room was super uncomfortable. She bolted out even before we could set foot in it.


The nursery was equally creepy. Sandra felt that there were supposed to be three entities in the room but one is missing in real time.

Our tour guide then invited us to check out the basement, the place in the house that Sandra felt nervous to venture in. The basement was likely used as a distillery. As we entered the basement, Sandra immediately felt a sense of anxiety, then caught glimpses of shadows moving in the dark.

The basement led us to a dark corridor, which to be honest, creeped me out the most. The rest of the group walked wordlessly for a few seconds. Sandra broke the silence by saying she feels a lot of magnetic energy in the basement and there was a lot of movement within the basement.

She said she was inexplicably drawn to the cupboard and feeling cabin fever and anger. “I wanted to throw things.”

The basement leads to a smaller room in the basement but Sandra didn’t feel any paranormal activity in there. After the basement tour, we decided to head back upstairs to take a break and set up our cameras for our session.

macphearson 2

We started setting up cameras in each room, including the Parlor, the Master’s bedroom, the nursery and the creepy small bedroom connected to the Parlor.

As Tim was setting up one of the camera, his voice went through the walkie-talkie saying there was a weird orb-thing roaming around one of the room. I half-screamed that I was in a dark room and he scared the living daylights out of me, hahaah! Sorry, moment of weakness. It was during this time that we were working on our own and I really felt creeped out already.

After setting up all cameras and testing them, we opened up the lights and did our EVP session. The audio is still being analyzed and I will update you guys on the results.

After our session, we unhooked all our equipment and packed them all up. We said our goodbyes and drove home with lots of scary tales to remember!

St.Augustine Tour: Lighthouse Orbs and Restless City Gate Spirits

I went on a paranormal investigation tour with Sandra and Tim that’s why I haven’t been updating this blog for more than a week. We booked a tour at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. We heard that there are incredible sightings in the area and we’re super excited about the trip!

If you don’t know it yet, St. Augustine was a place plagued by serious epidemics in the past. And because of that, a lot of people perished and that’s one explanation as to why there are a lot of paranormal activities in the area. We were looking to interact with a couple of ghosts and Sandra said that nearby the lighthouse, two playful spirits started making their way to us out of curiosity. We heard a faint noise nearby and we started setting up our KII equipment. Sandra said a five-year-old spirit is lingering nearby, curiously peeking at us. We asked the spirits a few questions (including the 5-year-old spirit) and our equipment clearly showed intelligent responses (yes and no).

phot2 photo1

Sandra said most of the spirits within the area were buried alive because of a pandemic that almost wiped out whole towns. Tim reported increased activities beyond the woods surrounding the lighthouse. Our KII equipment was definitely buzzing nonstop. Tim believed that the spirits are mostly children. We also saw a lot of dark shadows moving through the trees although we were unsure whether the shadows were from the spirits or from an entirely different entity.

We took a lot of photos to share. Some of the photos captured a strange mist despite the dry, clear weather. We may have also snapped apparitions next to the trees. Some of the spirits perished due to an accident in the lighthouse. A grainy figure was also seen near the city gate.

Although we did expect a lot of paranormal activity in the area, we were terrifyingly excited that we got great pictures and even better experience at St. Augustine. After we’re done taking the pictures and trying to reach several spirits, we packed our bags, said a little prayer and drove off.

Touring The MacPherson House PT. 1

From the Napanee river is a house popular for its paranormal activity. The MacPherson house used to be a decaying, barely unrecognizable structure that was restored to look as it would have in the early 1800s. We made the long trip towards the MacPherson house together with the entire team (Jon, Tim, Sandra and I). Sandra said she always wanted to check out the MacPherson house and after hearing all the stories, we were more than excited to finally book a tour!

The two-storey structure is quite impressive with its rich colors, heritage façade and the matching period furnishings. It felt like the whole place was frozen in time. We gathered our equipment then headed towards the house. Once inside, I asked Tim which room we should enter first and we decided to head to the summer kitchen. Sandra says she felt a guild of some sort. She felt two babies was with her and picked up an older gentleman, a soldier or military man of sorts.


Next room was the Dining area. Sandra remarked that compared to the first rooms we went into, the dining room is the quietest of them all. But she felt like the room used to be bigger. She said she was picking up a lot of dancing, bright lights and soft music.

It was off to the Parlor room which was set up to look like a girl’s room. Sandra says that this room was not always a girl’s room. Rather, it has been used as a guest room. It was also very creepy and Sandra exclaimed that two deaths have occurred in this room.

The rooms on the second floor took on a more menacing vibe. My heart was pounding so fast, it’s ridiculous! I’m not sensitive to spirits but I felt like we were being watched by hundreds of eyes! I got the chills and found the air heavy.


One of the first rooms we entered from the second floor is a large open room with a lot of artifacts on display. Sandra said she gets a feeling that two separate families lived in this room at the same time. She said one of the tenants is still in the room, a decorated military man who was showing her his uniform. I felt goose bumps all over as she motioned where the spirit was showing his uniform.